05 March 2014

I suddenly realised it's March which means it's nearly Spring.

Usually I've been out in my garden 
 peeping in all the areas I know something should be showing signs of Spring.
But not feeling like or being able to do any work in the garden as
we had some nice sunshine today I took a stroll around and I wasn't disappointed.
 I found quite a few flowers.
These Pansies have been in flower all winter,
not as healthy looking as they should be.
also it looks like my Lavender cuttings are looking OK
strange as they don't like to be wet.
These Primula are always the first to flower.
just a few popping up here & there in the grass.

I didn't see any Crocus that were in the same area last year,
maybe they've rotted with all the rain we've had this winter.
  I know we have Voles that burrow under the surface of the ground
So I'd prefer it if they'd been eaten by them, it must be hard finding food.

This is another pot that I'd forgotten about, with more Pansies.
This will get moved around to brighten up an area that needs a bit of colour.

A large shrub of  Japonica.
Which flowers before the leaves appear.
It really should have had a good pruning.
I always bring a piece into the house to open up before they do on the shrub.

I hope these few flowers I found in my garden
brought Spring a little nearer to all my friends who are still getting snow. 
à bientôt
Barbara Lilian